Sunday, March 25, 2007
Yesterday's Code Camp in Cincinnati was an absolute blast. Here are some of my highlights:
  1. My "Back to the Basics" talk has a total of 7 possible demos but we never got to any of them. Instead, we had an interactive discussion about practices that can help us as developers improve our craft. It may not have been what the attendees were expecting but, to me, this was far more valuable that digging into code.
  2. Jason Follas established himself as the reigning "King Nerd" by presenting a killer demo in his SQL Server 2005 talk that parsed XML data from a World of Warcraft web service.
  3. Darrell Hawley complained to me several times that he doesn't have licenses to CodeRush or Refactor! only to eat his own words when he won a DXperience Enterprise subscription (including both CR and R! along with all of our .NET products) at the raffle.
  4. As always, I had excellent an conversation with my good friend Joe Brinkman at the after-event party. He's one seriously smart guy.
  5. Repeatedly having "just one more" with Darrell Hawley at the after-event party for several hours after everyone else had left.
This is a great event. I hope I can be involved next year.

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