Wednesday, December 19, 2007
Launchy, my favorite utility for launching applications, received a much-needed update yesterday. In fact, I didn't realize just how badly the update was needed until I downloaded the new version.

Launchy in action

Check out the list of changes:

  • Launchy has been completely rewritten with QT
    • Your old plugins/skins will no longer work
    • Your old configuration will be wiped
  • A new look! New icons and skin thanks to Tyler Sticka
  • Much better skinning support
  • Options merged into a single, tabbed dialog
  • Skin selection now shows previews
  • Plugins much more configurable
  • Launchy can hide when it loses focus
  • Fade in/out effects
  • Customizable transparency
  • Optional shallow scan of directories
  • Unicode support for Firefox bookmarks
  • Vista support
  • It’s just better.

After running the new version for a short while, I can verify that the last item in that list is quite true. Launchy 2.0 really is just better. If you've been on the fence with regard to application launchers or (shudder!) don't use one at all, stop reaching for the mouse and take Launchy for a spin.

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