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Hello again, X-mas celebrants! I have just one last verse in my carol to make all of your Visual Studio 2008 experiences bright. Don't let your hearts be saddened because my song is drawing to a close. After today, a new year filled with its own code blessings will be upon us.

My last offering is a simple one—a stocking stuffer, really. It's one last refactoring targeted at Visual Basic developers.

And so, it is with a heavy heart that I begin the last verse of the "Twelve Days of Refactor! X-mas..."

"On the twelfth day of X-mas my true love (DevExpress) gave to me..."

Extract XML Literal to Resource

In my opinion, the most compelling new feature of Visual Basic 9 is XML Literals. We've already seen how Refactor! Pro can be used to manipulate XML Literals to great effect, saving literally hundreds of keystrokes. However, sometimes we don't want to dynamically build XML. Sometimes we simply want to consume a chunk of raw XML.

Module TwelveDaysOfXmas
  Sub Main()
    Dim lBook = <book isbn="12252007">
                 <title>Refactoring: The True Meaning of X-mas</title>
  End Sub
End Module

If we're not adding embedded expressions to the above XML literal, it really belongs in a resource file. However, moving that XML to a resource is a terrible inconvenience. Thankfully, Refactor! Pro provides the Extract XML Literal to Resource refactoring. When applied to the code above, Extract XML Literal to Resource produces the following:

Module TwelveDaysOfXmas
  Sub Main()
    Dim lBook = XElement.Parse(My.Resources.XMLFile)
  End Sub
End Module

When compared to the acrobatics we've already seen Refactor! Pro perform on XML Literals, this refactoring might seem like a very small thing. It may be simple, but it's incredibly helpful when you need it. The first time that you attempt to move an XML Literal to a resource for translation purposes or any other reason, you'll be thankful that you have Extract XML Literal to Resource to do the job for you.

Check Out This Screencast to See Everything that Extract XML Literal to Resource Handles for You!

And so ends my song. We've taken a merry sleigh ride through many of the new language features available in Visual Studio 2008, and we've seen how Refactor! Pro can help you leverage those features today. It's been my distinct pleasure to be your guide on this journey.

Before I take my leave, I have one small piece of advice. If you've been waiting impatiently for the other tool to support for Visual Studio 2008, remember that Refactor! Pro has been there since the very first beta. No matter what that tool vendor may try to tell you, Visual Studio 2008 was not a surprise. Everyone had more than a year to prepare. The only ones taken by surprise were those who weren't paying attention.

And with that, I wish you a continued happy holiday season and hope Refactor! Pro can make your new year bright!

Happy New Year!

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