Thursday, February 21, 2008

Computer books

I don't know about you, but around my house, computer books have a habit of multiplying like rabbits. Sometimes it seems as if you can't put up your feet without resting them on a pile of old programming books. There are several reasons why these books proliferate so:

  • I like my shelves to reflect an intelligence that I don't actually possess.
  • I feel the need to own reference books that I never need to reference.
  • I purchase books on the latest and greatest technology before I realize that I'm not actually interested in said technology.
  • When I become interested in a topic, I tend to purchase every book ever written about it—even if a new book duplicates information I already have.
  • I buy classics that I have the best intentions of reading... but never do.
  • I acquire books for a specific project at work, and the project ends.

Because my shelves are bursting at the seams (and the Wife Acceptance Factor for them has become quite low), it's time for an early Spring cleaning. If you're interested in some reasonably-priced programming tomes, previously owned by a lesser-known blogger, feel free to browse my Amazon storefront.

(Quiz: How many of the books in above picture do you own?)

(Clarification: The books pictured above are not for sale. Those are keepers!)

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