Friday, March 07, 2008
Google has released Google Calendar Sync, which will automatically sync your Google Calendar to and from Microsoft Outlook. As an avid user of both calendars, I rushed to download and install the tool. It installed quickly, accepted my Google Apps email, and was ready to go. However, after the first sync, I was puzzled as to why the items from Google Calendar hadn't shown up in Outlook yet. I tried a few manual syncs, but still nothing happened.

I have to admit that I rarely read instructions before installing software, so I had missed the following important information on the Google Calendar Sync: Getting Started page, which reads:

"Keep in mind that it's not possible to sync events on secondary calendars at this time. Google Calendar Sync will only sync events from your primary Google Calendar and your default Microsoft Outlook calendar."

Ugh. I didn't notice my events coming into Outlook because I don't have much in my primary Google Calendar. I was expecting to see everything come into Outlook, but the tool doesn't actually support that.

Are they serious about this? So, I can't use multiple color-coded calendars in Google Calendar? That's right. Any events not on the primary calendar will simply not be synced. And of course, the problem exists on both sides. If you happen to use multiple calendars in Outlook, you're out of luck.


To make matters worse, the tool doesn't handle event collisions very well. So, if the same event exists in each calendar before the first sync, you'll wind up with two items in both calendars. Yup. If you have "St. Patrick's Day" in your Google Calendar and Outlook, you'll find two "St. Patrick's Day" events in each after syncing for the first time.

C'mon Google, you can do better than this! Supporting only the most basic use case isn't enough. I need a tool that does it all with the ease-of-use that I've come to expect from Google's tools. I don't need a tool that 1) requires babysitting, or 2) limits the number of features that I can use.

Somebody please let know when this really works. Until then, it's uninstalled.

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