Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Yesterday, I attended the Microsoft Detroit Launch Event and the Geek Dinner that immediately followed. (Important thanks go to Microsoft for graciously picking up our food tab at the Geek Dinner.)

What a blast! It was exciting to visit with old friends and meet new people. Here are a few shout-outs:

  • James Bender: Night elves are totally lame. You need to re-roll on WoW dude. Really, I'm kidding. Let's get together on Dalaran sometime.
  • Amanda DaPanda: I feel so bad that I wasn't following you on Twitter. The issue has been corrected. Let's talk some more about F#. Do you have a blog?
  • Michael Eaton: Someday you'll make it to a Metallica show.
  • Keith Elder: Awesome Geek Dinner! Thanks for setting this up. Also, thank you for suggesting that I use Windows Live Writer. I am a changed man.
  • Jason Follas: Thanks for driving, hanging out and being such an all-around amazing guy.
  • Steven Harman: Your T-shirt was fantastic, and our discussion about Ruby was illuminating.
  • Nate Hoellein: It was good talking F# with you again.
  • Jim Holmes: Still nursing the wounds of your defeat at DevConnections, eh? :-) As always, it was a joy to see you.
  • Josh Holmes: Your advice was a blessing. It was wonderful to slow down and spend a little time together.
  • Ryan and Joel Lanciaux: It was cool finally meeting you guys in person. It's amazing that our lives have so many connections.
  • Michael Letterle (the artist formerly known as Michael.NET): I really do like your new handle and blog theme.
  • Jeff McWherter: Sorry for my huge faux paux! I'll make it up to you.
  • David Redding: It was a horrible feeling to realize that you are actually five years younger than me.
  • Chris Woodruff: Where the heck were you? You were missed.
  • Jay Wren: I keep forgetting that you're easily the funniest person I know.
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