Monday, March 24, 2008

Last month, I was scheduled to speak at the Findlay Area .NET Users Group (FANUG), but the meeting was canceled due to weather. This month, my good friends Jason Follas and Greg Huber were scheduled to speak, but a last-minute conflict has thrown a monkey wrench into the works. After passing a few emails back and forth, Jason and Greg have decided to reschedule. Instead, I'll be giving my Functional C# talk in Findlay tomorrow night. I hope to see you there!

Title: Functional C#

Abstract: In recent years, many features have been added to the C# language that make it possible to write programs using techniques from other programming paradigms. Chief among these is functional programming. Often regarded as only being academically useful, functional programming has many practical uses, some of which appear within the .NET Framework itself. In this session, we'll examine some ideas taken from functional programming and see how they might be implemented using language features that already exist within C#. In addition, we'll highlight ways in which the .NET Framework APIs borrow from functional programming.

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