Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It’s that time of year again. CodeMash time.

When I first moved to the Seattle area, I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to come back to Ohio for this year’s CodeMash. Of all of the conferences that I’ve attended over the years, CodeMash has been among the most rewarding, and I really didn’t want to miss this one. Fortunately, the stars have aligned, and my family’s holiday vacation is bringing me back to the Midwest just in time to join in on all the fun.

This year’s speaker list is just insane. With names like Bill Wagner, Richard Campbell, Steve Smith, Mads Torgersen and David Laribee, I’m expecting to have a very full and satisfied brain. But CodeMash is about more than just the sessions; it’s also about the pure geek nirvana of hanging out with a group of people who are just as excited about technology as I am.

Given the list of heavyweights speaking this year, I feel pretty honored to be filling one of the slots. If you’re coming to CodeMash, check out my talk, “Multi-threading Mojo with F#.” It should be a blast.


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