Friday, April 27, 2007
I've decided to take the plunge and install Visual Studio Code Name "Orcas" Beta 1 on my development machine. For several months, I have been dutifully installing the latest CTPs into virtual machines to toy with and test CodeRush and Refactor! on. However, with the beta release, I'm living a bit closer to the edge. I have spotted and reported a couple of very minor bugs, but hey, this is beta software, right? Regardless of these minor blips, my experience has been nothing short of pure enjoyment. I'm not saying that everyone should install it right now, but for me, it's been fantastic.

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 Wednesday, April 18, 2007
This article delves into a certain peculiarity of the .NET garbage collector. Along the way, it explores IL, optimized JIT-compiled code and even the underlying CLR structures.
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 Sunday, April 15, 2007
Those of you that know me will remember that I carry a full-sized keyboard in my laptop bag. I find it much easier to code and demo if I use the same keyboard all the time. So, I carry it with me. My keyboard is like a constant companion that goes wherever I go, and my recent trip to DevConnections in Orlando was no different. The birds were singing. The sun was shining. My keyboard was firmly secured under the flap of my bag... or so I thought. As I approached the Orlando hotel, I had no idea that my close friend's lifetime was near its end. There was nothing that would have alerted me to this fact. Suddenly, my trusted comrade slipped from the bag and shattered on the hard cement. And when I say "shattered", I don't mean that a few keys popped off. I mean that keyboard blood and guts were strewn everywhere. As I surveyed the gory scene, I realized that repairing my keyboard was out of the question. The ground was littered with twisted plastic shrapnel and warped springs. It had become my own proverbial "Humpty Dumpty". There was no way this egg was going back together again.

Believe it or not, this tragedy absolutely paralyzed me. Because I spend all of my time with the same keyboard, I am a complete novice (i.e. a "newbie") at using my laptop's built-in keyboard. With only the keyboard on my laptop, I was reluctant to do demos during the conference. I would sit in front of my laptop blushing and stammering into the keyboard like a seventh grade boy asking his first girl to a dance. I had to face the facts: I couldn't avoid replacing my dear friend. Only one questioned remained. Should I purchase the same model or go for an upgrade?

I spent some time looking online and finally settled on the Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard. It's newer, sleeker and sexier than my old buddy, but it also has a very attractive feature: holes that I can use to tie it to my laptop bag. There are lots of other great features like the LCD screen and the extra 18 user-programmable buttons, but the holes were the selling point for me. No longer will I put my closest friends at risk.

Helpful holes allow me to use straps. YAARRR!!! (pirate-speak)

Securely attached to my Tom Bihn Super Ego.

This thing's not going anywhere!

This experience has served to cement a universal truth in my mind. It is the sort of axiom that I wouldn't mind having engraved on my tombstone at the end of my days. The idea is basically this: no matter how sophisticated humanity's achievements in technology, no matter how rich our medical advancements, gravity wins. Gravity always wins.

Words to live by.

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 Tuesday, April 10, 2007
Today I'm 32 years old.

To many of you, that might not seem very old. In fact, some of you might already calling me names like "young punk" or "whipper-snapper". To those people I say, "Get some teeth old man!"

Seriously, it's not that I feel particularly old, but this is the first year I'll actively exaggerate my age. If someone asks how old I am, I'll quickly answer that I'm 25. "25", of course, is a short way of saying that I'm 2^5 years old. I'm comfortable with that because it's not really a lie. It's not even stretching the truth. I'm being vague, flippant and maybe a bit of a smart ass, but I'm OK with that.

After this year, I'm going to start rendering my age in hexadecimal. Next year I'll be 21.
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 Monday, April 02, 2007
At the moment, I'm enjoying the first-ever week-long vacation that I've taken since joining the Developer Express IDE Tools Team nearly four years ago. CodeRush and Refactor! are very exciting products to work on but I need some time to refresh and Key West is just the place to do it. (Sadly, I think my trophy wife is already upset with me because I took a moment to fix a bug this morning.)

My vacation began with some exciting news. On Sunday, just before leaving for the airport, I received an email from Microsoft honoring me with the MVP Award for C#. Frankly, I'm humbled by the award, and it's a great priveledge to be numbered among so many professionals whom I deeply respect. Thanks very much to my friends, colleagues and mentors who made this possible.

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